Financial Services

We guide and Assist our Clients for their Mortgages, Debt Solutions and Real Estate Investments.

We have a wide range of programs to resolve your financial problems. Our Professional Consultants are always available to offer your best services.

Our Financial Planning services provide a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals. Having a clear plan for your financial future can give you the confidence and knowledge to make sound financial decisions and have the freedom to live life the way you want. Our financial advisors will work with you to determine your goals and expectations and help create a long-term strategy appropriate for your situation.

Wealth management and financial planning: We understand the importance of saving for the future. That’s why we work with you to provide real and effective wealth management solutions that can help you control your finances and provide you with the savings you need, when you need them.

We help you by

Gaining a clear understanding of your needs, circumstances and expectations.
Developing solutions tailored to your needs and objectives.
Analyzing your financial and personal information.
Providing ongoing support to ensure your financial objectives are being met.

Segregated Funds

Segregated funds have similarity to mutual funds; however, they are provided by life insurance companies. The fact that segregated funds are designed as insurance contracts allows them to provide some benefits that mutual funds cannot.

Guarantees – with segregated funds you are guaranteed to receive 75% to 100% of your investments when the contract ends or when you pass away.

Creditor protection – if you have a qualified beneficiary your segregated funds are usually protected against seizure by creditors. This can be an important benefit since in Canada no other type of investments held in RRSPs and RRIFs are protected from creditors.


An annuity is an investment that pays you a set monthly income and is one of the simplest retirement income options. It is designed for people who want to turn some of their savings into a guaranteed source of income that will last a lifetime. An annuity is a lump sum investment where the insurer pays guaranteed regular income to the investor. This payment consists of interest and a return of principal. The income payments are based on:
  • Your age (in case of Joint Annuity, our partner’s age), for life annuities
  • Current interest rates
  • The period of time for which the payments are guaranteed
  • The amount of money invested into the annuity